Преглед на характеристики: Инструменти за сравняване на схеми бази данни

Няколко инструмента с уникални възможности

Robert L. Davis SQL Server Magazine InstantDoc ID #136381


SQL Compare 9.0

Intuitive; easy to use; robust functionality

Unwieldy object handling

3 out of 5

Starts at $395; $595 for SQL Compare Professional

Offers some unique features, but the other tools’ overall feature sets are superior. I recommend using one of the other tools.

Red Gate Software • 866-997-0397 • www.red-gate.com\
ApexSQL Diff

Customizable; feature-rich; can change project options without rerunning the comparison

No snapshot backup option; doesn’t support signed procedures and certificates; somewhat overloaded with features

4 out of 5

$399 per user; volume discounts available

In terms of features, ApexSQL Diff is my favorite tool out of the four. It has some basic problems, but they’re easy to work around. If robust features area must for you, I recommend using this tool.

ApexSQL • 866-665-5500 • www.apexsql.com

xSQL Object

Optional command-line tool; can save all your servers and databases; very readable and visually appealing reports; easy to use

No native backup option, only a snapshot backup; big learning curve; doesn’t support certificates and signed procedures

3.5 out of 5

Starts at $299 per user without the command-line tool and $399 with the command-line tool; volume discounts available

xSQL Object is the easiest of the tools to use and has some unique features that really make it stand out. If usability is a key deciding factor for you, this is the tool I recommend.

xSQL Software • 877-777-9775 • www.xsqlsoftware.com

Schema Compare in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Included in Visual Studio; seamless project integration; deeper object comparision than with other tools; command-line tool to programmatically compare schemas and generate change scripts; supports SQLCmd; can create a separate script for each object; fully supports signed procedurse and handles setting the Trustworthy property for the database; can compare dbschema files, databases, or database scripts

Not available as a standalone tool; requires Visual Studio Ultimate or Premium; interface lacks some functionality

4 out of 5

Contact a retail partner or licensing professional

Visual Studio’s Schema Compare offers some unique features and comes built in to Visual Studio. If you’re already using Visual Studio 2010 Premium or Ultimate, I definitely recommend using this tool. If not, the features of this tool alone don’t justify the cost of Visual Studio, and I recommend choosing a different tool.

Microsoft • 800-642-7676 • www.microsoft.com


След тестване на всички инструменти за сравняване няма ясен победител, Всеки от тях има уникални възможности които го правят различен. Visual Studio 2010’s Schema Compare е инструмент чиито употреба може да има значение за разработката. От гледна точка на използваемостта, мой любимец е xSQL Object заради интерфейса подобен на Object Explorer и опростения дизайн. Ако трябва да избирам на база възможности първи е ApexSQL Diff. Единствения който не е чист победител в никой от категориите е SQL Compare 9.0. При избиране на инструмент трябва да определите кои от възможностите имат по-голямо значение за вас.

Други инструменти за сравняване

SQL Compare на Idera.com http://www.idera.com/Product-Video-Tour/SQL-toolbox/SQL-comparison-toolset-Overview/

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